On Socrastination we practice the Socratic dialogue. Around various predefined themes, two participants confront each other by a verbal joust trying to convince each other. The players must also convince the referees, who are responsible for assigning a bonus or a penalty to each of their arguments.

This website is a final year project of DUT Informatique in special year realized in 2016 by Camille Chac, Maxime Ferrer, Clément Roig and myself. This project was tutored by Madalina Croitoru (Professor UM2 and member of the INRIA GraphIK research team at LIRMM).

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TUTO : Surcharger une fonction lua

Vous est-il arrivé de souhaiter modifier/adapter une fonction d’API de ShiVa ? Oui ?! moi aussi !

Cas concrêt : nous souhaitons adapter une fonction existante : xml.send, pour y inclure un log automatique à chaque appel.
Si l’on se fie à la documentation officielle, nous aurions procédé comme suit :


xml.send ( hXML, sURI )
log.message ( "L'envoi d'un xml à l'adresse ", sURI, " a débuté." )

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Quadruped Autorig – R&D

QuadrupedAutorigAntekThis autorig was built to generate quadruped rigs in Autodesk Maya. The script was written in MEL to generate each part separately (legs, trunk, arm, head) before to connect them at the final step.

The objective was to be able to make changes to a 3D model and be able to regenerate its rig instantly. Or, to reuse a rig for another model.

Once rig is generated, user can manipulate the 3d model with handles

Autodesk Maya / MEL

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