About me

I’m a Developer with a 3D Artist background. I worked 9 years as a 3D Artist both freelance and employee mostly in the video-game industry. Autodidact programmer, I recently decided to improve my skills in Computer Science and Information Technology at the Montpellier Institute of Technology. After being received on DUT (in « special year ») and Professional License ACPI (Software Engineering) I’m now working as a C++ tool developer at Wild Sheep Studio (Montpellier).

My skills :

Languages : C/C++, GLSL, Java, Python 3.x, MEL, LUA, UML2.
3D Engines: ShiVa 2.0 (), Unity ().
SGBD : mySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle.
Methods : Agile, Merise.
Web : HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP5.x.
System & network: Linux, Shell, TCP/IP, UDP.
Versioning tools : Subversion, Git, Perforce.
3D Art : Strong knowledge of realtime and CG techniques (Maya, 3DSMax, Blender).
2D Art : Good drawing skills, Acrylic painting.

My timeline :

Wild PS4, WildSheepStudio, Sony Computer Entertainment, 2017-now
Blocs Médio Web, Antek-Studio, 2014
MicroBattleTank Web / Mobile, Autoproduction, 2013
Babel Rising : Cataclysm Mobile, Mando Productions, BulkyPix, 2012
Pirate Wings Mobile, Antek-Studio, 2009
Spyro : Dawn of the dragon Console, Etranges Libellules, Sierra, 2008
Super Bataille 2 Chars Web, Autoproduction, 2007
Asterix at the olympics Console, Etranges Libellules, ATARI, 2006

Additional informations :

Spoken languages :

French (mother tongue)
English (written+++/spoken++)
Italian (written+/spoken+)